3, 2, 1… Introduccion How am I?

2016-01-07 18.13.25


Hi everybody! Then I put the link on my Introduction 3.2.1. After using tools like PowToon, Pixton or Storybird and check that none was able to make my story, I ask my classmates and they answered me that he had a tool in the web very easy, and indeed it is. His name is Storyjumper.
It was the first time I heard about it but I wanted to be different from my other classmates and I have tried to do the best I could, but I still accept opinions and recommendations!
With StoryJumper we have a tool for developing writing stories and creativity, but also a site for publishing stories of our students. It allows anyone to create and publish a children’s book, both online and in hardcover. Although this site is in English, as most of the resources of the Web 2.0, we can easily create digital books, once we have registered us.
I recommend this tool for beginners in technologies like me, it is very easy and has many facilities to create a beautiful, creative and fun book.

If you have any problems to watch it, please, let me know.

I hope you enjoy!

The link is: https://www.storyjumper.com/book/index/24775528


One thought on “3, 2, 1… Introduccion How am I?

  1. Hi Laura!
    I love your 3, 2, 1 Introduction, it is very visual and interesting.
    What’s more, I did it using the same tool. I find it useful not only to create thing like this, but also, to make books for our pupils!

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