PLE and PLN for CLIL.


Sin títuloFirst problem with ICT, the realization of a PLE (personal learning environment) and our PLN (personal learning network) on CLIL.
In my degree at the University of Granada CLIL he had heard about but had never put anything into practice and it was not until the master when I delved deeper into this approach.
The main idea is that a teacher uses the second language as a means to transmit content; so teachers and students use English in a meaningful way, so that children learn the language by using it in real situations, when they are learning it.

To do the diagram of my CLIL learning I’ve used Pages, it is an application that comes installed on the Mac, IOS system, which allows us to perform multiple functions, however I needed the help of Photoshop to carry out logos or type of letter.

I decided to use it after using NovaMind as companions mine had advised me, but because my little relation to the technologies my progress was zero. Due to the short time I had had to choose something that knew well and had no problems.

Then I will talking about some applications that appear in my PLE and my PLN.

To organize:

  • Dropbox: is a service file hosting platform in the cloud, operated by the company Dropbox. The service allows users to store and sync files online and between computers and share files and folders with other users and with tablets and mobiles.
  • Google Drive: lets you store your files and access them anywhere: on the web, on your hard drive or wherever you are

To share and communicate

  • Twitter: on twitter you can find all the information on the blog post that talks about learning with this application.
  • Facebook: a network connecting people with people
  • Gmail: You can use to share your proyects, lesson or communicate with other people via e-mail.
  • Whatsapp: WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging application that lets you send and receive messages through the Internet for free, replacing traditional short message service or multimedia messaging system

To learn more :

You can use Google Chrome or Wikipedia, both of them are useful to find information, find things about CLIL, to solve doubts…

To create new things:

Today there are thousands of applications that are responsible for creating books, edit photos, create documents … and in my PLE can see some that I use, but I definitely think it more present in our lives is the Microsoft package and therefore I think a special mention deserves, whether you’re home or in the office or if you work on a computer, on a device or through the web, office has the tools you need to get the job done.

I would conclude by saying that I’ve never done, even before my Personal Learning Environment and the network so far and I realized I had learned from more places than I expected. It is entirely positive to see all the elements that helped and will help to expand their information and training on this important for our future method.

Thank you for reading me.


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