Evaluating CLIL E-Proyect

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Hello everyone!

After searching through all the projects that we had, I finally chose the one called “Chef of volume”, which was created by a previous student of this Master degree. The aim of this e-project is to show that mathematics can be also fun. It is available in this link: https://sites.google.com/site/chefofvolume/my-ebook-skeleton/Cover

To begin to assess the project we can say with a clear and organized structure, it is also easy to follow thanks to the table of contents included on the home page. Moreover follow the same structure: they all include a title, an introduction and are often accompanied by multimedia resources to facilitate student understanding, detail worth noting in this project, as there are many multimedia resources and make this more visual project and more easy to understand. All contents are consistent and licensed.

Moreover, all information has a real world context so that children will be motivated because the subject is linked to their interests. They are also motivated because they have to use various multimedia functions in order to do their homework. In addition, the project includes imaginative and original content in an attractive and interesting way that attracts attention of students.

However, this project does not provide any process of giving and receiving feedback from students and we do not find a job evaluation for students. Furthermore, this project does not allow students to make decisions about the products they have to create as children have to use the tool that the teacher gives them. Also, it does not take into account people with visual impairments: the font size is too small, creating in some cases reading difficulties.

I have used Prezi because it is a presentation program to explore and share ideas on a virtual document based on cloud computing. The application is distinguished by its graphical interface with zoom, allowing users to have more approached or removed from the display area vision. In my presentation we can find the highlights of this project and some aspects to improve as feedback to students, assessment or adapting to people with special educational needs. My link where to find this assessment is: http://prezi.com/3dwhtitsiswo/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share



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