My CLIL e-Project!



Hello everybody!

As new task and approaching our goal, we need to create an e-CLIL Project, and here is my prototype. After thinking about an appropriate topic I chose the animal kingdom, but adapting it to the intended age. Because it is a topic learned throughout primary education.

You can find the prototype of my project in the following my address in Google Docs, where I explain my unit, objectives, results, resources, tasks … My scheme is based on the template that Maria Jesus (our teacher) gave us as a model. Here is the link to it.

In order to present my prototype I used the tool called PowToon. This tool is very easy to use and allows us to work with a wide range of possibilities. You can use this tool in informal presentations, as well as formal, being original on the selected tool.

My idea was to create an original and dynamic video so you can see the main aspects of my project, trying not to write as much information as the whole lesson plan because that can be found in the other document. You can see my video in this the link! Animal Kingdom

We cannot forget that if we require our students to use ICT in life in the classroom and in their daily lives, we must often use in class for various activities, showing how useful they are. In addition all teachers and students, we learn many new things every day through online tools, technologies and virtual world in general.

I hope you like my idea and if so we can enjoy together!


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