Creating a collaborative slideshow that supports learners

Hello everybody!!

This post is about a task included in a collaborative project carried out by AporTICs. To complete the task we have to create a slideshow explaining the use of any online tool.

For this challenge our group has worked with Google Slides, a tool that had been unknown before. The members of the group are Marina Goizueta, María ColladoSara, Guillermo Lagarejos and I.

To create the presentation we used the tool “Google Slides” which none of us had used before.  Google Slides offers similar possibilities to create a presentation as Power Point. Therefore, the use of this tool was quick and easy. You can add pictures, videos, links, animations and so on. In our slideshow, we added pictures, a YouTube video, several links and also we used different text types to make it more visually attractive.

We used this tool to describe how to use Aurasma, We think that Aurasma is great tool for both teachers and students and make lessons more angaging and motivating, so we really recommend you to try it in the future.


Aurasma is a web tool that allows us to create augmented reality from trigger images already labeled by the creator. This tool can be quite simple to enjoy if you follow the steps that we explained in our presentation. In every step we have added screenshoots of the Aurasma webpage so it is easier to follow.

Finally, I leave you the presentation that we have created in this link.

Moreover, we had the pleasure to participate in a collaborative project, we sent our work and they published it in their blog.

They also gave us an award:

Nosotros participamos- Mediano



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