Our Chocotalk!

Hi everybody!

Today I want to show you a great summary of our chocotalk. Do you know what is it?

7th of April, my classmates and I did a chocotalk about “How CLIL can contribute to having happier bilingual learners”. In order to do that, the students were divided into several groups in order to carry out one cooperative project per group. One or two members of each group  played the role of speakers and participated in a virtual round table where some relevant aspect related to CLIL were discussed. In my group:

  • Guillermo was the speaker in the chocotalk, giving opinions and proposals about the topics that appeared during the talk.
  • María, Marina and I were the “content curator”, responsible for writing a summary about the chocotalk, including the most important topics and ideas said in it.
  • Sara and Teresa were the “disseminators”. We had to pay attention to the chocotalk and write tweets about it in order to spread the word! We used the hashtags #chococharlas and #ictclil_urjc.

Anyway, if you couldn’t see the great chocotalk about bilingualism, here is the link to Youtube:


Before going with the live chocotalk our group  created a image with Powtoon .


The chocotalk followed a clear structure:

The first topic we were dealing with were the advantages and disadvantages of CLIL.

The second topic refers to social and emotional benefits of CLIL. We think that is important the motivation in the students and making them feel confortable in order to foster language acquisition.

The third one, was related with the use of ICT in the CLIL classroom.

Finally, the speakers had to make a summary of each group’s e-project:

Finally, to end up this new mission our team created a great and complete summary of the chocotalk using “Storify”. You can see it if you click here

When we finished the task we send it to the directors of the blog and they rewarded us with this award:



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