Creating a rubric for an E-project

Hello everybody!

Today I want to tell you that as you know, my classmates and I have created an e-project and for this mission I have to create a rubric of evaluation in order to assess this e-project.

First of all, and after having been investigating different web tools to create the rubric, I finally chose the one called “Quick Rubric”.


Quick Rubric provides you with a template of a rubric, so you only have to fill it with the information or criteria that you will use for your evaluation. You can also modify the number and the order of the columns and the rows that you will use, so it is possible to personalize it however you want according to your ideas. In other hand, you can title the rubric and include a description of it in order to clarify what your rubric is about.

In my case, I added seven rows which correspond with every feature that I have analysed:

  • Quality content
  • Organisation and coherence
  • Accessibility
  • Multimedia and online tools
  • Innovation
  • Interaction
  • Dissemination
  • Spelling and grammar

I added one more row, so that end every one corresponds to a grade (4, 3, 2, 1) according to the quality of the work.

In relation with the advantages I can say that it is a very simple tool which allows you to create evaluation rubrics very quickly and personalising it according to your evaluation criteria and to your own needs and of course, everything for free!

To sum up, I want to say that evaluation is needed every time, when we consider some kind of change. As all sides of education are in a continuous change nowadays, we need to evaluate our educational projects regularly. It is specially true when we’ll try to introduce some new learning methodology and after first enthusiastic experiment want to set it on a regular bases, so that this new method becomes well designed, well organised, well run and effective, usable not only by ourselves, but also by our colleagues near and far.

You can see my rubric in this link.

To end this post, I think this online tool is great because it allows you to make your heading to the needs of students, can give the rating that you consider necessary and work at all times consider the aspects evaluated.

Thanks for reading!




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