Storyboard and videoclip for a research

Hello everybody!

Now we were asked to plan and create a video challenge for our collaborative CLIL e-project. Again, as in the previous challenge, this was a teamwork, and we worked in the same group.

The first part of the challenge consisted of creating a storyboard for the video challenge to include in our CLIL e-project. This storyboard represents how are we planning our video challenge for our students.

We used Storyboard That. With this tool you can choose many different images, scenes, backgrounds, texts… The only thing that it does not allow you to include sounds, and that would be nice to make the comic more interactive from our point of view. With it, they are dealing with communicative and writing skills in a different way as they are used to do it, practicing ICT at the same time, and that will be motivating!


Once we finished the storyboard, we moved on to the second part of the mission: recording a video challenge based on the storyboard we made.

As we did in our storyboard, we recorded the video in a classroom. In order to record the clip, we used an smartphone, and then we edited it with  Sony Vegas Pro, also we used a croma. From our point of view, the only drawback is that there is not a free version. During the editing part we changed the background using animals videos and we added animals sounds as for the audio.

In this video we briefly explained how to carry out a research on the animals topic by using a field trip to Faunia. There children would investigate, take notes and look for specific information. Then they would prepare a presentation for the rest of the class to share their experience and learning.

Here you can see a collage to show you our making off:


And here you can watch our AMAZING video!

Moreover our storyboard and the video challenge are going to be part of a nationwide educational collaborative project called The ESL Times. Our ideas are published in their blog! Furthermore, ESL gave us an award for having participated in this collaborative project with them!

chapa gral 200x200


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