World book day

Hello everybody!

Saturday 23 April was the World Book Day. Because of that, our new mission was related with this special day. For this challenge we were asked to present one of our favourite books creating a collage and then, add a clip to the picture using Aurasma.

Thanks to Aurasma we can make that a photo or a poster comes to life through our mobile phones or other devices. The process is:

  • Download the Aurasma App in your devices
  • Point out to the screen
  • You will see how the reality change

For this purpose I decided to use Canva since I have never use it and Raquel told me that it would be perfect for that purpose. I decided to try for the first time with this tool and I must say that I liked it.

The next step was to create a clip. In order to do it, I used Movie Maker adding different pictures, respecting, of course the copyright. All the images used are free of it.

Finally, I downloaded Aurasma app to my mobile phone in order to create an account. Do you  know what is it? If you don’t know my classmates Álvaro, Neus and Marta created a tutorial about this app. You can watch their great tutorial if you click here:

Here you have my final task, discover more using Aurasma! 


In other hand, we shared all of them in a collaborative board called “A Wall of Books” in Pinterest. If you want to have a look at them, just click here or visit the following link:

Finally, if you want follow me in Aurasma! I am : lauritaperz

To end this post, I will say that new technologies have achieved that have greater accessibility to culture. With it all people of all ages have free access to what lurks behind every book.
Undoubtedly by Pinterest and Twitter we can get our students share their likes or interests, so you can get your classmates may be tempted to read their favorite books.




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